14k Italian Gold Necklace - Rose Gold Drop Earrings.


14k Italian Gold Necklace - Rose Gold Drop Earrings.

14k Italian Gold Necklace

14k italian gold necklace

Mandarinetto Con Amarene

Mandarinetto Con Amarene

This traditional Italian liqueur can be enjoyed cool during Summer or gently reheated in Winter. Add orange zest and a clove for a more intense flavour. Better yet, enjoy this decadent drink with Amarene which are petite dark red (almost black) crisp Sour Cherries.


> Zest of 20 Mandarins
> 500ml Grappa, Vodka or other white spirits
> 500ml Water
> 200g Sugar
> Zest of 1 Orange
> 1 Clove


Place the Mandarin Zest into a clean, glass jar and cover with the alcohol. Store the jar in a dark cupboard for a month. Bring the water and sugar to a boil in a saucepan (with the Orange Zest and Clove, if you're using them). Stir until the sugar has dissolved. Take off the heat and leave the syrup to cool, then add to the mandarin-infused alcohol. Store for at least two more weeks before straining out the zest and filtering the Mandarinetto through a piece of muslin cloth. Pour into glass bottles to store.

Mandarinetto Con Amarene view 02

Mandarinetto Con Amarene view 02

Inspired once again by all things intoxicating, this heady visual treat is so called Mandarinetto Con Amarene as its kaleidoscope inclines heavily towards the allure of the traditional Italian liqueur. I've been informed by a "reliable" source that Mandarinetto can only be truly enjoyed when paired with the crisp bitterness of crimson-to-near-black Amarene, otherwise known as Sour Cherries.

The palette I've chosen for my personal concoction of Mandarinetto Con Amarene details these sparkling beauties:-

> Polished Pyrope Red Garnet Briolettes
> Pink Sapphire Rondelles
> Polished Sunstone Ovals
> Polished Cherry Garnet Nuggets
> Citrine Rondelles
> Faceted Sunstone Rondelles
> Black Spinel Rondelles
> Polished Sunstone Briolettes
> Super Rare Black Sapphire Briolettes

Petite in physical proportions but a dramatically decadent feast for the eyes nonetheless.

14k italian gold necklace

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