14k Italian Gold Necklace - Rose Gold Drop Earrings.


14kt White Gold Pendant - Battlefield Bad Company Gold Bars Locations - Gold Silver Price Chart.

14kt White Gold Pendant

14kt white gold pendant

Lighting practice with a 14kt gold Diamond & Amethyst Pendant

Lighting practice with a 14kt gold Diamond & Amethyst Pendant

Simple tabletop shot. I used a white paper background, my black optical grade plastic panel under the piece, one Vivitar 273 flash (gobo'd), one off camera snooted flash handheld. Oh and a couple radio trigger receivers and one transmitter.

Basically setup on flash behind the backdrop adjusting it's angle to the flash reflection falls toward the front of your shooting area-note that area to position the piece.

Now setup the gobos behind the backdrop so almost no light leaks into the rear part of the shot. This is important if you want a really black background with no need to adjust in post.

Setup the camera and what not...I then have another off camera flash with a radio trigger and my DIY snoot shown somewhere in my gallery here, I'll post a shot soon as I find it.

After this is all setup it's really easy to take a couple test shots, adjust the flash outputs to what you want and fire away. I also prefer to shoot these shots in a totally black room with no light coming through a window or anywhere.

Hope that makes some sort of sense. ;) All I know is I got the shot I was after here. I wanted the piece looking sort of lonely in the photo with some light in front fading to pitch black at the rear. The piece was to catch only the edge of the reflected spot from the rear light and the front light was just to add some highlights, contrast and edges to the shot. If I was doing it for more than practice I likely would have done a bit more to see the piece is total focus, or just some focus stacking. But if not getting paid for it, ummmm, hey I can leave the rest as an exercise for another time...hahaha...OK, I was actually LAZY!! ;)

White Enamel-Diamond Chai Pendant

White Enamel-Diamond Chai Pendant

Magnificent diamond-studded chai character, the Hebrew symbol for life, rendered in a setting of Pure white enamel on 14kt white gold disc. Set with 61 sparkling diamonds weighing 0.25cts, this necklace is a standout, wherever it's worn.

14kt white gold pendant

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