14k Italian Gold Necklace - Rose Gold Drop Earrings.


Gold letters - Ruby rings in yellow gold - Gold mining claims for sale.

Gold Letters

gold letters

gold letters - Cleveland 2175

Cleveland 2175 Cobalt Steel Jobbers' Length Drill Bit, Gold Oxide Finish, Round Shank, 135 Degree Notch Point, Letter Size S (Pack of 5)

Cleveland 2175 Cobalt Steel Jobbers' Length Drill Bit, Gold Oxide Finish, Round Shank, 135 Degree Notch Point, Letter Size S (Pack of 5)

Greenfield Industries is a leading manufacturer of expendable cutting tools and related products. The company sells thousands of products under the brand names Cleveland, Chicago-Latrobe, Cle-Line, Vermont Tap & Die, Bassett, and Putnam Tools, Geometric, Vers-O-Tool, H & G, and Acme-Fette. The product lines include drills, end mills, taps, dies, reamers, countersinks, counterbores, tool bits, and more. These tools are used in a variety of applications, If it's being drilled, cut, bored, dug, shaped, milled, stamped, formed, drawn, or threaded, Greenfield Industries products are hard at work. In 2009, Greenfield Industries became part of the Top-Eastern Group, the world’s largest manufacturer of twist drills. The blending of these two powerhouse companies allows both the global capacity necessary to engage in the world’s cutting tool markets. By combining the benefits of world-class manufacturing facilities, experienced sales and technical support, and well-known and respected brand names, Greenfield Industries delivers a winning combination to the market. As our family of customers, distributors, employees, products and services continues to grow, we maintain our commitment to excellence.

77% (10)

Gold lettering on a Series 2006 $20 bill at 10X

Gold lettering on a Series 2006 $20 bill at 10X

Take out a $20 bill, and have a look at the "gold" 20 lettering at the lower right corner. This image was framed right in the middle of the 2 and the 0, so you can see the gap in the 2 at the left, and some of the wavy lines in the 0 at the right.

I used a 10X microscope lens mounted to my old Nikon D50 DSLR via a series of adapters. As you'll notice, depth of field at 10X is VERY shallow. This is an unavoidable law of physics, so better equipment can't do much. I calculated the DOF with my setup to be around 16.8 micrometers. A micrometer is 1/1,000 of a millimeter, so that's only .0168 millimeters, or 0.00066 inches! (less than a thousandth of an inch).

There is a process called "focus stacking" that can combine images taken at several subject distances into one seamless image with much greater depth of field. That will have to come later for me, as stacking at 10X requires a VERY demanding studio setup and close attention to detail. For example, I would need a way to accurately and consistently move my subject less than a thousandth of an inch for each exposure, and do this perhaps dozens or even HUNDREDS of times for ONE final photograph.

The fine green lines seen here in the background may not be visible on a bill held in front of you, unless you have exceptional vision, strong reading glasses or a good loupe.

This is a full-frame (uncropped) image.

Gold Leaf & Lettering

Gold Leaf & Lettering

Added gold leaf, outline and lettering to Arilds Harley Davidson Sportster gas tank.. pinstriping next and then deliver it to the custom builder which will put the Showel Bobber together..

Used 1-shot Ivory, a mix of Emerald green and black for the outline, a mix of black and super gloss tinting clear for shadow to make them a little transparent and 1- shot gold size for the gold leaf..

gold letters

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